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Peer-to-peer networks - Part 1

Announce (Nov 18): Chord project dead-line EXTENDED. M. Liquori extended the dead-line for the Chord project to December 10 .

Programme des séances

  • Week #1, Oct 6, 9–12h
    (3h Cours) Intro / PaP Unstruct (Frederic Giroire)
    Intro slides (PDF, 78KB)
    Tutorial Infocom (PDF, 4.8MB)
    Exercice (PDF, 65KB)
  • Week #2, Oct 13, 9–12h
    (3h Cours) DHT: CAN, Chord, Pastry, … (Olivier Dalle)
  • Week #3, Oct 20, 9–12h
    (3h Cours) Chord #1 (Luigi Liquori)
    Stoica’s paper
  • Week #4, Oct 27, 9h-12
    (3h cours) Chord #2 (Luigi Liquori)
  • Week #5, Nov 3, 9h-12h30
    (1h30 cours) JXTA (Julian Monteiro)
    (2h TD) Hands-on JXTA (Julian Monteiro)
  • Week #6, Nov 10, 9h-12h30
    (1h30 cours) File system (Frederic Giroire)
    (2h TD) TD Design P2P Sharing System (Julian Monteiro)
  • Week #7, Nov 17, 9h-12h
    (3h cours) Stockage P2P (Olivier Dalle)
  • Week #8, Nov 24, 9h-11h

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